Russell Morris
ARIA Winner Best Blues Roots Album “Red Dirt Red Heart” 2016
The past five years have been an incredible musical journey for both Russell and his
fans, fortunate enough to create and release 3 Multi award winning albums of Blues
n Roots music that pertains to some of the iconic characters, events and moments in
our rich Australian history. Over the previous 40 years Russell has earned his own
place in Australian music history & Aria Hall of Fame award.
“For the first part of my musical life I didn’t even own an acoustic guitar, one electric was my only reference”. In a career spanning 13 albums & Multi Awards, DIESEL has explored many facets of guitar and its relation to his writing and performing, this tour is about finding the lead, the tether that connects his electric heart, the reason to “plug in” in the first place!
Joined by his band Lee Moloney on drums and Richie Vez on bass, the song choices will no doubt get “turned up” from the get go….
Dave Hole
He is widely regarded as one of the all-time slide guitar greats. He has won numerous
awards around the world and headlined many festivals worldwide.
“Slide guitar fanatics will have their brains blown out … prepare to hear your jaw
hitting the ground”
Billboard USA
Blue Shaddy
‘Energetic Physical Presence and Power’ instantly describes what you can expect from ‘Blue Shaddy’Released their 4th album ‘Across the Road’, an impressive batch of songs conveying strong expression of life in the moment. Diving deeper into the explorations of family / self and relationships, Jim returns to the electric guitar for a number of songs and some very tasty slide playing throughout the album which leaves you with a strong sense that ‘Blue Shaddy’ have returned to their roots, but this time in a more mature and comfortable place with their songwriting.